Send or receive money instantly for FREE!*

Send money to any MyCash account for FREE! Instantly!*

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Send or receive money MyCash to MyCash for FREE!*

Sending money to your loved ones has never been cheaper or easier! Once you have a MyCash bank account card, which you can open with just your ID, you can send money to other MyCash clients for FREE!*

If you've linked your phone to MyMobile you can even make transfers 24x7, when it suits you, with as little as one bar of signal! They will receive the funds instantly and using their MyCash card will be able to draw cash at any MyCash Kiosk or ZimSwitch enabled ATM nationwide. Your loved ones will also be able to shop for groceries at any TM, Pick n Pay or Meikles Mega Market using their MyCash card to pay with no bank charges and as a bonus they will also receive loyalty rewards! Send money from MyCash to MyCash instantly for free!

Use your MyCash card, or your MyMobile linked phone, to send money to your loved ones for FREE!*

Send and receive funds instantly with any ZimSwitch connected bank using ZIPIT!

Sending and receiving money to a ZimSwitch connected bank using ZIPIT is super easy.

There is no waiting for funds to clear, the money is delivered instantly into the ZimSwitch connected bank using ZIPIT or your MyCash account.

There is small $1.00 flat fee* for the transfer - far less than traditional RTGS payment fees.

A ZIPIT transfer is very fast, convenient and secure. Be safe in the knowledge that the money you transfer will be available to use instantly.

Send money from MyCash to MyCash instantly for free!
MyMoney services available from MyCash Kiosks nationwide at TM, Pick n Pay and Meikles Mega Market
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