Get your MyCash bank account card today
- it's FREE and super easy to signup!

Get your MyCash card in-store today!

Signup is free and there are no monthly fees!
MyCash Card

Bring your ID and a completed application form to a MyCash Kiosk at your nearest TM or Pick n Pay supermarket.

Download an application form here.

No deposit required.

MyCash Kiosks are located at Pick n Pay and TM stores nationwide. Find your nearest Kiosk here.

6 reasons why you need the MyCash card today!

  1. Signup is FREE and there are no monthly costs
  2. Send funds instantly to any other MyCash card for FREE!*
  3. Earn Loyalty Points - Use your MyCash card in TM or PicknPay stores and earn loyalty and be rewarded
  4. Use like a normal bank card at any ZimSwith POS or ATM machine
  5. Send funds instantly to banks for $1.00. Receive from banks for FREE!
  6. Links to your CellPhone for 24 / 7 access to send money, pay bills and manage your account from any network
You just need your ID and a completed application form - that's it - super easy!

Use your MyCash card to draw cash and make purchases at any ZimSwitch enabled outlet!
Introducing secure online shopping using your MyCash card at any V-Payments enabled website.

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So much more than just a bank account.
Your MyCash card opens up a world of financial services and rewards!

24x7 secure
mobile banking!

MyMobile - Coming soon!
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Balance enquiries, MyCash transfers, bill payments and mini statements with as little one bar of signal!

Send or receive
money instantly!

MyMoney - Coming soon!
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Send or receive money MyCash to MyCash for FREE! Send up to $1000 instantly to any ZIPIT enabled bank.*

Use your MyCash card
to earn rewards!

MyLoyalty - Coming Soon!
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Use your MyCash card at any TM, Pick n Pay or MMM nationwide and earn loyalty rewards!

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* Taxes and network charges may apply. Terms and Conditions apply.

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