Experience the convenience of MyCash!

Bank while you shop
at kiosks nationwide!

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No matter who you bank with you can withdraw your salary from any MyCash Kiosk nationwide!

Pay bills instantly -
ZimSwitch or cash!

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Pay all your utility bills while you shop! ZESA Pre Paid, DSTV, City of Harare, ZOL, Umax and many more.

MyCash bank
account card!

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Your MyCash card is the key to a world of financial services - you just need a copy of your ID to apply!

24x7 secure
mobile banking!

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Balance enquiries, MyCash transfers, bill payments and mini statements with as little one bar of signal!

Send or receive
money instantly!

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Send or receive money MyCash to MyCash for FREE! Send up to $1000 instantly to any ZIPIT enabled bank.*

Use your card
to earn rewards!

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Use your MyCash card at any TM, Pick n Pay or MMM nationwide and earn loyalty rewards!

Easy online

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Enjoy the benefits of one-stop shopping from the comfort of your own home!

Protect the people
and things you love!

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Insurance from MyInsurance helps you protect the people and things you value the most!

Connecting buyers
and sellers

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Buy it or sell it -
whatever it is find it on MyMarket!

Bringing together Zimbabwe's leading brands to offer you unparalleled services!

MyCash kiosks located at the following leading retail outlets:

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Withdrawals, deposits, balance enquiries, mini statements and bill payments available at MyCash kiosks for the following leading banks and building societies:

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Bank ABC Logo
Barclays Logo
Ecobank Logo
NMB Bank Logo
Standard Chertered Logo
ZB Bank Logo

Pay all your utility bills while you shop, online or from your mobile!
ZESA Pre Paid, DSTV, City of Harare, ZOL, Umax and many more.

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